Doe, a deer, a female deer

One of my most cherished memories as a kid is watching The Sound of Music. Pretty sure most of us will agree its an awesome movie with great songs and every kid would love it! or at least kids who loves singing 🙂 . Of course, I  had to introduce Mia , and ever since then she got hook up! It’s been an everyday event for her to watch the movie over and over and over again, just so she gets those lyrics(and action) right and darn she did! (we’re talking about 4 months of repeats!!)

“Mia why you like to watch this sooooo many times?”
” Bcoz I want to be smart”
“bcoz I want to know how to read the ‘bawah‘ (=subtitle) Mommy.”

Hokay smarty pants!

Amazingly “The Sound of Music” musical theater production from London is making its way to Malaysia in June! Mia was so thrill about the news. Bought the tickets (aint’ cheap yo! ) and anxiously waited for the date.

Long story short, the day finally came. It was just us girls, mother daughter  date night 🙂 . The boys were left at home to have some father+son bonding  as so am I with my Mia.

“So Mia of alllllll the songs, which one is your favourite?”
“So long farewell! And the puppet show song!and…and…anddd…”

The girl was obviously Very excited! She even wore (felt) crown (by Okinokiyo) to the show.



I’m telling you she couldn’t sit still one minute, so anxious for the show to start. And when it did, she was singing out loud together with the cast. I kept telling her “Mia lower down your voice pleaseeeee” “why Mommy? I wantttt to sing, I watch it everyday and now I want to sing.Why other ppl are not singing? They dont know isit?!” . She even dance and twirl! Boy I’m glad people around my seating area was quite a sport as they didn’t mind with her dancing and singing (or could it be they secretly wish they could do the same w/o embarrassing themself? LOL I know I want to but…ayoo shy lah).

The musical show was about three hours with 2o minutes intermission. I could feel my girl’s happiness was over the top. We both truly enjoyed the show. It was a money worth spend and this whole experience was priceless. Through out the show Mia kept whispering “I love you Mommy”. Awwwww… heart melt. I love you More munchkin.

Looking forward to more girly date with my girl.


2 thoughts on “Doe, a deer, a female deer

  1. bestnye to have a babygirl to share interest with! seriously,i’m green with envy! gibran told me to switch the sound of music off not even 15 minutes into the show bcoz “boring and takde lawan-lawan ke Mummy??”….sighhh

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