There's a Wocket in My Pocket!

Who woud have thought sewing for boys can be really fun! As much fun as girls too if dare say so. Here’s mike’s newest pants I managed to sew which took me close to a week just to get it done. Something new I did this time round is to include pockets. For months I try to make time to attempt it and when I finally did, what an achievement.

Credits to the awesome Dana for her visual steps by steps tutorials, with instruction that are easy to follow & understand. This is a flat front pants with pockets. The picture does not do justice, blame the boy who refuse to stand still (boys!) but then again it was taken using camera phone.

Ah here’s a close up of  pockets’ red trimmings (which in all honesty was done accidently from the lining!haha) . Glad that turns alright.

The boy enjoyed play slides, run, and more run. So I guess its safe to say, the pants fits him well 🙂 .

Fabric bought from a friend , Yvy . Thanks babe!

Next in list – shorts!


4 thoughts on “There's a Wocket in My Pocket!

  1. i swear for the life of me it wont cease to amaze me how u can fine the time to do all this sewing! salute betol! sampai skarang i cant really figure out that singer sewing machine my mum handed down to me. its just sitting there collecting dust. sighhh

  2. alahai, cute nyer!!! 😀 well done on the pants. i still tak berani to sew pants like these. lol sticking to those super simple 2 piece pants…..btw, i baru order some more fabrics. ^.^ i think arriving in 2 weeks time la. will let u know when they come, k?

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