Craft Party

I secretly wish this craft party to be held on weekly basis, simply because I get uninterrupted crafting (well that day I brought Mia along, she was in her best behavior so that was a bonus for me!) and also to be surrounded with people who indulge in crafting.

This is the 3rd craft party organized by Murni (handmadeKL), together with Etsy Malaysia. It was held last Saturday 11June at Wondermilk cafe (IMHO) the awesome creative place + cuppies too.

The theme was  Tshirt refashion. Glad this time around I could make it. In previous party they make sugar scrub and bath salt and decoupage tealight candle. Cool init?! Well hope to learn to make those someday.

Ah here’s Murni started of by introducing the ‘how-t0’ refashion from her husband old tees. A little snip here there and wallah. She even wore the shirt she recently refashion. Looks fab!

The “buffet table” – which serves fabrics, felt, buttons, sequins, ribbons and other craft supplies. So generous!

And the show begins.

Mai was there as well! Yes, we requested to be seated same table as to let our girls play together (they did coloring, drawing, paste stickers then end up play iphone games pulaks!-kids these days uh).

its a sin to leave wondermilk not eating their cupcakes.

Also spotted was Shelby! She’s so bubbly, sweet and loveable! Love meeting up happy shiny people. Give us the positives vibes. I like 🙂 Good thing she got the most vote for Miss Congeniality on that day. Another new friend I make is Sara. Such a darl! She too won as the Most Hardworking partier. Bravo ladies! Lynette won The Most Creative Tshirt. Sadly didnt get to snap her pic, but you can view at handmadekl’s blog.

Sara with ‘I am Chick’ shirt (which I embarrassingly thought as a bird! sorry babe!hahaha) .

Murni and I

Moms loves crafting 😉 Mai, Me and Cindy.

Oh hey! So this is what I made. Ruffles up Mia’s old shirt.

All in all, I enjoyed the day.Thanks Murni for being a great host. Keep up the crafty vibes 😉

Do read up more at Murni’s update on craft party here.

More picture will be up at myflickr soon.

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