The thing with Stripes (Updated)

Now I have a thing with stripes. Love it, Heart it very much.Couples of stripes that got me ooo ahhh-ing

via Nina Gracia’s Pinterest

here’s another awesome pink stripes pair up with green maxi skirt – such inspiration! (via Pinterest , credits here). I have my inspiration stripes board in Pinterest as well if you wanna have a peek.


A sudden urge to do-it came in mind. I know ‘why DIY when you can buy’, well truthfully i love making things with my hands, and of course those nice stripes shirts i normally like are expensive and am cheap like that. Anyhow, here goes..

To DIY I had.. a white tshirt, black fabric paint and masking tape.

Should I paint more stripes? Oh yes, of course its not perfect, I don’t have steady hands nor I paint it right hahaha. Anyhow, I haven’t wore it yet. Well when I do, I’ll come update it back here ya.Updated 🙂

Until then, happy day peeps. xx


4 thoughts on “The thing with Stripes (Updated)

  1. it worked!! it looks fantastic! i think you should buy more shirts. buat satu separuh stripes (seperti di atas), lagik satu buat lagik banyak stripes sampai ke bawah… then ada yg stripes tgh je ke… haha seriously it looks so cool!

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