The Boy

Yerp, that’s my boy  🙂 , all grown up dah. Quite handful most of the times, tiring! But sucha loveable baby and never fail to plant kisses (on lips no less heh) to all three of us before to bed, or whenever we ‘demand’ it. Zee best age to play with the kiddo.

Picture was taken couple days ago, on a river cruise in Melaka – a quick getaway over the weekends. As you can see, he has untamed curly hair, which we just LOVE it to bits. We’ve been contemplating in getting his hair cut. By far, he had once few moons ago, so we ‘thought’ it is high time to revisit the salon.Furthermore, weather was crazy hot , more reason the boy needed his hair chop off.

Poor fella.Oh look at that face 😦

The least anticipated hair cut..*sob*, be still my dear.

Ta-Da , The new look.

Well, it’s just hair. It’ll grow! I pray those curly wurly will be back in no time. Amin. 🙂



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