The book review

These two books were bought late last year. It wasn’t an impulse online purchase, it is something I have always given a long thought on this topic back when Mia was still unborn. And I’ve decided (in my personal view) to introduce her with the topic not many parents might wanna talk about it too soon, or if not ever. The intention here is not to just talk openly but to be more understood. And this year, I feel its time to have a small chat on this topic with my girl.

>Your Body Belongs to You. (amazon link)

Very easy book to read to my preschooler girl. The frequent repetitive ‘your body belongs to you‘ makes her quickly understands the idea of my body, my call. The books explains parts of the body (one’s underwear and bathing suits cover) are not to be inappropriately touch.It is NOT ok and children must tell and never to keep secrets if someone does the inappropriate to them. Generally, the explanation are kept short and simple to understood, and as for the images are simple drawings and safe for a young kid to read it even on their own. After reading this book to my daughter, she goes around repeating after herself “my body belongs to me mommy!” and with that I hope it instill a good understanding.

>My Body is Private. (amazon link)

This has got to be my favorites, and so does my girl. It begins explaining the meaning of privacy, in a simple manner – showing Julie’s labeling her belongings, and Julie wanting to be alone in her room. The books are narrated like a conversation between a mother and daughter. The good point I love about this book is, it shows Julie’s relationships with her father, brother, her baby brother, her uncle and also teachers.

Excerpt from amazon readers review:

“The girl states she already knows that no one can touch her in any way she doesn’t like, whether it involves her private parts or any other part of her body, such as not wanting to sit on her uncle’s lap. Examples of touching that are enjoyed are given such as cuddling with a dog and dancing with Dad. Tickling is described as fun but that sometimes it can go too far and no longer be fun. The girl is encouraged to say “no” to anyone at any time if she doesn’t want them touching her (in sexual or non-sexual ways without using the term “sexual”) The mother explains that it is the feelings of the girl that are most important, not the person who she is asking to stop or saying no….”

Every once a while now, Mia and I will revisit the books just for some refreshing.I highly recommend getting these books as a start to teach your child well the important of privacy, respect their body and that their body belongs to them. This is one of my small steps to equip my children with this subject.

FYI this two books were bought via online at bookdespository. Just like amazon, except shipping fees are free! How awesome is that. There’s couple more books related to the topic I bought, but for now this two are the only ones I shared with my daughter.

Happy reading peeps!



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