Kids and News

Mia being Mia, always asking questions, the what/where/how and not forgetting the whys whenever she gets curious about something. Yes, it is natural for a preschooler being all curious – after all, everything in the world is new to them. But mostly she does that, just between the husband and I.

Both the husband and I love reading news. More so for the husband, who prefers reading newspaper as compare to myself, reading it online. Yesterday, as we were waiting for our turn (in clinic) I read the paper, and Mia saw a photo of a young girl involved in an accident. Not an image I would want to expose to her, but unfortunately she did.

As expected “what happen to her mommy?”. Told her a brief story of the accident & I’m assuming she gets it (I get the nodding and ooOOo from her) .

Interestingly, found an article on how to tell kids on reading news. Here.


Through Your Child’s Eyes

“Children think about the news very differently from adults. News to kids is not just tragic events or disasters; instead they define it to include their entire lives. A child’s “news” could be a dead bird on the street, a cut finger, as well as a story about Hurricane Katrina.

“They also interpret the news in personal ways. For example, when young children watch or listen to news reports about crime, bombings, and hurricanes, they may worry about their own safety. Because young children are not able to fully understand cause and effect and distance, it’s hard for them to make distinctions between an immediate threat and one that is far away.”

Diane Levin, Ph.D.

Professor of Education, Wheelock College. Co-Author, The War Play Dilemma.

another excerpt from here (via link)-

Preschoolers (3-5)– Children this age often mix up reality and fantasy and think that what’s happening on tv could be happening right there in their house. Parents should “shield preschoolers from news coverage of violent events whenever possible” and “avoid repeated viewings of the same event.” Makes total sense.

And with the current news of whats happening in Japan, the desire to know more from my girl grew. Sharing links I found in blogsphere how to teach kids about earthquakes , and talking to kids about the-tsunami in Japan.

Well, looks like Mommy learns something new too dear.

Sending my prayers to all victims and families in Japan.


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