Craft Art Market (updated w photos)

I had fun going to this craft market. Brought along my two kids to accompany one of mommy’s favourite things to see ( and buy) – handmade stuff!

It was on a hot Saturday , glad we came by early, around 9-ish. I received text message from Mai (creator of okinokiyo) informing me her booth is right smack in front of Starbucks. Great spot (a + as it is shaded). Tini (of SnazzyandSuch) was nearby too. Went around abit to see what other booths are offering, some are still setting up , then off to bring my kids and nasya for breakfast in Starbucks. Mia and Nasya hit it off quite well, good thing they both shared the same interest – drawing!

Here’s some photos I managed to snap.

I didn’t mention in my previous post, on that craft market day, I placed few of my handmade chalkmats at Mai’s booth. She was very kind to sell it on my behalf (thanks babe!) . For those who bought on that day thanks for your supports 🙂 .

I myself bought couple of stuff too. Lookie..

skirts, fabrics, cookies, buttons and bibs. All in the name of handmade. I Love it!

nasya, mia and not so lil’ mike.


On a happier note, ted  + my friends throw a surprise birthday party later that night. I feel loved. Happy to see the efforts you girls ‘decor’ the place w garland, apples and flowers.Very sweet and thoughtful.*shed tears* hehe ..Thank you ladies and husband xoxo.


On ANOTHER  happier note, this Saturday the 5th of March the awesome Etsy Malaysia organize another Handmade Market. Come over to Empire Subang , it starts fat 1pm and ends 10pm. Believe me it’s worth a visit, enjoy browsing (or buy!) handmade stuffs, and/or maybe meet the person behind their etsy store.


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