Inspiration and a Giveaway (Closed)

In all honesty, I’ve been meaning to have this giveaway for quite sometimes. It has been at the back of my head for as long as I could remember but along the way I always put things off. Finally I decided, this is it – choosing this February (whch coming almost to an end dah sheesh!) because it’s the month of my birthday! 🙂

Sharing where I find my inspiration. Found this awesome Pinterest site last year and Oh! I’ve been happy pinning great tutes, ideas & inspiration I found in blogsphere. It’s pretty cool to see what others likes and share their faves , plus save those hd spaces And I get to view my board here anytime and anywhere I want. Another thing that keeps me excited (surfing) is whenever I see the word DIY,sewing and refashion . Really, I will dig up all DIY/sewing related post. My ever growing fave blog list are tons, but this two has to be my everyday,  A Pair and A Spare (sucha nifty diy fashionista) and Dana (cool mom who is never running out of creative ideas!).

And so I’m excited to announce I’ll be giving away TWO chalkmat for you reader (err do i still have?hahaha). Ah well, its easy – All you need to do is tell me what inspire you and makes you happy – it could be that cuppa coffee u had this morning, you discovered an insightful blogpost, a DIY website (wee like me!), hearing your kids giggle..oh just anything. I would loveeee to hear & read your happiness. Winners will receive a chalkmat (with fabric you get to choose) and  w a chalk.

The giveaway will be closed on Friday, February 25th around 9 pm Malaysia Time (GMT+07), so please leave your comment here before that time.

The winner will be picked randomly and announced on Sunday, Feb 27th. I will then contact the winner for a complete address and the package will be sent to anywhere you are! 🙂 Please leave with a valid email address ya.

On another note – please give support to our Crafty Art Market this coming Saturday,on 19th of February 2011 (my birthday!) at The Bee@Jaya One. My friend Tini (SnazzyNSuch) and Mai (Okinokiyo) will be there with their handmade stuff.

Have a great day ahead peeps!

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Inspiration and a Giveaway (Closed)

  1. Hmm.. what inspire me and makes me happy?? Anything got to do with a smile.. my hub’s smile, Emir’s smile, friends’ smile, SMILE can do wonders for anything even though it is a fake smile, that person still has a courage to throw a smile.. 🙂 at least I know that his / her emotion is controllable kan.. What makes me happy… Being surrounded by families, good friends, closed relatives, and errr…

    of course, menang contest jugak hahaa

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