Craft Inspired – Hopscotch Mat

For the longest time I am inspired to make this hopscotch mat (found in etsy). And so it’s been in my Pinterest board for awhile until a dear friend requested to make one for her son. Finally an excuse for me to take up the challenge and try my best to accomplish  it!

Yeah generally it does look simple, but nope, took me quite some time (ok few months!sorry nadia!) to materialize it. Blame ira the procrastinator and her crafty block, but boy am I glad I finally get it all sort out.

To cut the story short, it’s finally done!

Didn’t bother to iron first before snapping this, its either snap now or forever gone. Oh excuse the little men who doesn’t seem to bother mommy’s creation!sheesh. Also this is my first in 2011 things i sew.

Anyhow, Nadia I hope this mat will  bring joy to Irfan and his room. 🙂

p/s: Mia cried as I told her this is not hers and demanded one- honestly, I seriously have no idea  whether mommy have the energy to, but *cross finger* I TRY ok! we’ll see hehe..else there’s always ice creams…hahaha


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