Mike's babyhood pictures

This is quite an effort to for me to put this up! *wipe sweats*.Excuse the quality of the photos, as most of it was taken via my trusty e71 (you’ve serve me well dude!).

Ah yes my son! Look how much you’ve grown! Slow down will ya. As of now, he is officially a walker, active + adventurous (whats new w boys la kan?!), friendly, happy eater, very determine – in othr word can be stubborn at times and cheeky fella. Has a thing with Buzz Lightyear and would shriek at the sight of him, be it on tv,books or any other media. His favorite play mate is still his big sister – adore her but mostly love to annoyed her more (typical brotherly love). oh and his first body part he recognizes first is………ketiak!(armpits) Thanks to his Oma for teaching that!

The first thing people would comment about his feature is how alike he looks like his father and secondly his unruly curly hair! Never fail to impress people with that LOL.

You’re full of surprises and quite a handful to handle, but never had I imagine my life without you and your sister as that makes my life colorful.

Love you curly boy!


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