So Long 2010

Twenty ten has certainly been a year to remember..if my 30 years old memory serve me right. We have our ups and downs through out the year, the good ones I cherish, but the bad events, well some it happen for a reason and for some I wish it didn’t happened but we definitely learn from it.

Anyhow, here’s a down memory lane for the year 2010.

I threw a surprise birthday party for my husband’s 30th. It was my first time organize a surprise for him. And sadly, he kinda knew it. Bah! Ah well, I’m sure he was thrill nevertheless as we got it celebrated with our closes friends and had a scrumptions food at the Bubba Gump Shrimp, one of his faves restaurant.

Then came February. My turn turning the big three-0 pulak. At first, I didnt feel that much a deal but as months passess by, I’m begining to feel this three series age is not that bad after all. Of course there’s constantly missing being ‘in my 20s’, but I don’t do regrets so I’m looking forward insya-Allah to age gracefully.Amin 🙂

In March, I clearly remembered my little man was rushed to hospital due to high fever and chesty cough, which lead him- Bronchitis. I was devastated of course, looking at my helpless baby. But syukur alhamdulillah, everything was fine after a good five days rest and care in the hospital. I pray no more hospital stay in the nearest time for my kids. It just aint fun!

My other 2010 highlights are on the month of May+ June. We headed our family holiday to the land down under – Australia! We get to do almost all the things we planned. (Oh dear! That reminds me I’ve been meaning to update our Brisbane story). We hope to visit other parts of Australia again, hopefully sometime next year.Why Australia? Well why not?!

On that same month,during our last two days in Gold Coast, we received a very sad news. The passing of our good friend – Sheema Wahid. Even as I’m writing and recalling it, I couldn’t hold my tears.She was a lovely friend, a doting wife and a great mother. Her bereavement was made headlines in news.  After we came back, we make our way to attend arwah’s tahlil. Al-fatihah... May you rest in peace my dear.

September was full of celebration. There’s my kids birthday and Eid ulFitr. However, early September was still a fasting month, so we threw the kids party a month later. It was a blast double birthday party for them. Mia and Mike was so lucky for they get to eat cakes three times! First on their own birthday, then later celebrated again with our closes family and lastly on the birthday party itself. Our Raya this year as a family of four was a blessing. Of course Mia and Mike had the most fun and attention from our families, kutip duit raya and play to their heart content with cousin was such a joy.

Ah finally-December, the ‘youngest’ month of all!

Earlier of the month, we had a family wedding ( from the husband’s side) and BIL now is a happy dude with a wife. Tahniah abang! . The wedding falls close to public holiday (Maulidur Rasul) we decided to take an extra day off and headed to Penang. As I back track our record, December has always be the month we family holiday in Penang. We did nothing but chillaxing and eat the yummy food Penang has to offer.In case you reader haven’t heard of Hameediyah restaurant, I totally Totally recommend their nasi briyani, murtabak and kambing bakar. Gile sedap! Yes us food lover even tapau-ed balik heheh. I secretly wish they open one here in KL bley.

On another note, as am writing this, I am currently on medical leave. I just had a minor surgery.Nothing serious, no biggie, just a lump that kept recuring and it had to be remove, which am glad I did. For four days I was hospitalize and that drives me nut. Its ridic that I miss the kids so much during the lonely nights. It was my longest three nights in four years sleeping without my babies. I’m recuperating well alhamdulillah.

Ho boy, this has got to be my longest blog entry in 2010 as well isn’t it hah!

All in all, twenty ten will be greatly miss but I can’t wait what’s install for me in year twenty eleven. And so, I decide to end my 2010 on a high – we will be going off to Singapore  for the New Year. *Yay*

Here’s to a better and greater year ahead to all of you. Cheers! xx

p.s: boring entry without picture kan?! hopefully to update my 2010 in picture soon.


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