Syawal 2010

1. Celebrated Raya first day at my MIL’s, and then my side of the family on the third day raya.

2. Journey to and fro was a smooth ride. Alhamdulillah.

3. On raya eve, our car battery died as we were out to break our fast.

4. It was when we were getting Mia’s birthday cake.

5. Mike gets all the attention wearing his first baju melayu. He has two btw.

6. Raya brings a whole new meaning when we have kids of our own.

7. Had a mini raya gathering with our closes friends and family. Surprisingly with little help I manage to cook – soto, bihun goreng, rendang and ordered satay. Keeping it simple for my guest (and easy me hah!).

8. We ate, we laugh, we’re ate & ate and enjoyed ourselves to its fullest attending friends + relatives open houses.

9. I miss eating lemang . For some reason, It makes me happy.

10. We had an awesome raya this year. Looking forward to our next raya!

11. Yes, raya is over and I’m late to update this. But who’s reading it anyways right? Ah Hope your raya was a blissful one too.


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