Polaroid Update,The last Wednesday

In all honesty, I do not dress them up together. I only came to realize when we were in the car and wahey, waddaya know (goes to show I didn’t pay attention to what he was wearing uh?! *guilty*). But I suspected the husband did on purpose!ahah! Anyhow, I think it’s cute.

This picture was taken while we were out having dinner in Ipoh (during the raya breaks) with my friend Liza & Terry. Dinner was great, we truly enjoyed our nasi padang after few days stuffing ourself with lemang,rendang, soto and laksa. We are so melayu, missing our white rice.

Now, this picture was taken on the day we’re leaving kuantan to celebrate raya. Of late, she’s becoming more camera friendly. Ever willing to give poses for a snap or two. Who teaches her that? I sure have no idea!

Manage to squeeze some time to sew the strawberry shortcake bag she’s carrying in that pix above during sahur. Good thing I manage to sew two more for my nieces.

“ok mommy it’s your turn- come mia take picture”.

O Yes, I obliged to Mia’s request.

Until then, toodles!


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