Yes, they are the love of my heart. But sometimes, that once in awhile they can really test my limits. Dulu I thought taking care a baby was hard, boy was I wrong. Parenting was even harder!

I’ve just finish watching Brothers & Sisters (S4) couple days ago (which btw had a very shocking ending *sob!). The thing about this drama is that how Nora Walker (mother of 5) is sucha worry wart and just gotta do everything and just anything for her children sake. Well, she can be quite stubborn + annoying but that’s what mother’s do ..somtimes. They get worried every single thing. Even my mom still does! Actually my point is, being a mother is hard. There’s this scene where she (Nora) talk to Sarah telling her, “Being a Mother is hard, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this” – something like that. Sigh.Couldn’t agree more.

Ah here’s one quote from Nora Walker;

Season 4, Episode 1: “The Road Ahead”

Nora: From the minute my kids were born all I did was worry about them. I thought surely this will stop when they get older but no. What I worry about has changed but I’m still worrying. And what good has all this worrying done? None. With or without it my kids are doing just fine. They’re happy and they’re fine. I just need to learn to relax. I deserve to be happy.

True. We mothers deserve to be happy if we choose to be so.But my favorite character has to be Kevin, the sarcastic gay lawyer. ;P He’s always has something witty to say!

An interestingly, in one of SATC II (also just recently watch it) scene, just between Miranda & Charlotte talking about how hard is it being a mother too. There’s no a real ‘me-time-alone’, the moment your child is born. I was laughing alright at this point, because holly crap it is freaking true. Yes I still do get a time-off from my kids, but its just not the same when you’re single w/o kids. I can’t be selfish and take a whole week off  from the mommy duty,cause god knows the mommy duty doesn’t end even in her sleeps! Ah well, maybe someday when the kids are older, maybe then I could just do what my heart desires. But most times I’m sure I’ll be the one begging the kids to come along hahaha. Hish

Sex and The City 2

Charlotte: How do the moms who have no help do it?
Miranda: I have no f***ing idea.


LOL! I guess I keep my mind sane by talking out and have that support system  from the husband and my awesome motherhood friends who are ever willing to hear my ridiculous rant tee hee. And sometimes, I really do close one-eye on how unorganized my house is. At the end of the day, kids won’t remember how many times mommy mop the floor, how spick and span the kitchen top is – it’s the time spend being silly and goofing around with ’em what kept the memories of their childhood.


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