The Best of Both Worlds > Part 2

Day four ( of 8 day trip).

I remembered that Saturday morning, weather looks quite gloomy. The sun wasn’t shining as bright as we hope for, but we still went ahead with our plan to –  Sea World. It did finally rain tho’ for awhile, drizzling more like it, and yes, it gets even colder, yet still bearable .

Mia had a little mishap – she got stumble on a cracked pavement and fell. Cried her lungs out, scratches on her knees and had a small cut on her chin. I think that hurts her most.Poor girl. It did spoiled her mood for a while, until she saw the Big Bird ride! Had our packed lunch by the lake overlooking the pirate’s show, that was nice.

We did quite a bit walking here, checking out the dolphin shows and others. It was fun to see ’em dolphins in actions – cool show indeed. Saw Penguins too, such a cute creature! and many more sea animals & birds in this park. Before ending our day, we took the monorail ride touring around the whole sea world theme park.

More pictures in my flickr set


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