The Best of Both Worlds > Part 1

This has to be the most anticipated itinerary in this trip! The Warner Bros Movie World .

The very first ride we spotted, and the very first ride three adults went running for it ( one left to take care of the kiddos – me! ). I’m a scaredy cat, so yes I was more than willing to take care ’em kids.  Bro, SIL and Ted came back grinning. Yes, I can tell they are THRILL and given time, they will do it all over again!Geez!

Pitt stop. My indulgence at Charlie the Chocolate Factory. Now this is my ‘thrill’ place wee hee.

And here we are, Mia happy place (everyone seems to have their own ‘happy place‘!). Since it was only Friday, Mia didn’t have trouble w the long q, except for few kiddy rides lah, but she was such a sport!waiting patiently for it.

Ah this, one of her faves. She had a blast of time. If we didn’t stop her, she’ll prolly gone up more than TWICE!

Around 3 o’clock, we took a break and waited for the parade (or rather time-out from that walking and rides we did).

The parade. Good thing we sat in front of Shrek’s 4D Adventure theater, because right after the parade we were the first in line. It was the last (shrek) show of the day! Talk abt being kiasu hee.

And yes, by the end of the day both kids knackered. We spend a solid eight hours in Movie World. Totally WORTH IT!

p/s: more pics comin up soon- in flickr.


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