Land Down Under, The Arrival

We departed from LCCT on May 25th, with my husband, Mia and baby Mike. This holiday was also accompanied with my brother, his wife and his baby girl, Sarah. Arrived in GC on a beauuuutiful Wednesday morning, to a breezy cold wind (18 °C). Good thing this time of the year, it’s winter in the land of Oz, so we’re pretty happy w it. weee..sejuk.

On our flight to GC, we didn’t quite get much eyes shut- Mia was a bit wee whiny not getting enough space (read: lie down) to sleep *sigh.but luckily, there’s a two empty seats in front of us, so I (and lil Mikey) moved and left Ted with Mia. Mike on the other hand was alright, he pretty much happy snuggling under my arms.

Day 1. Since we didn’t get much rest on flight, we took a power nap the moment we step into our apartment* (which btw was neat!and cosy!) . By 12 noon, we’re up and awake and excited to explore gold coast. Good thing Ted make arrangement on car rental*, so the guy sent the car to our place and by 1pm we’re on our way to Harbour Town. Kids, still knock out in the car LOL.

Can I just say I LOVE HT! Totally a shopping paradise. There’s lotsa shops to shops and stuffs to drools over there. But since it was only  day one, so I refrain myself from getting much ‘damages’. The only setback was shops closed at 5pm. It gets pretty dark by that time too. We then head back to do a bit more jalan-jalan along Cavill Avenue to find our dinner (we had nandos! which for me doesn’t taste as good as ours).

By 10 pm, all of us were worn out and call it a day.

to be continue…

more picture in flickr

*we stayed at Surf Regency and rented our car from Car2Go (awesome deal!).
** The cool tape strips clip art I use in my photos are from the awesome PuglyPixel. Thank YOU!


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