Lego Fun

Couple months back, Nadia told me she has this idea of throwing a Lego theme party for her boy. I was ecstatic with her idea. Couldn’t agree more it is a great theme for boys! She requested a favor from me, to sew party bags for the kids, which I am more than happy to help. Since the theme was lego, I try my best to achieve the lego blocks to  look 3D-ishHere’s my first ‘prototype’.


But here’s the end results for the party. The bags was filled with Nadia’s creative handmade memory games (consists of cute pictures of trucks,bus, etc) {love it!}, pencils and chocolate.

Few days before Irfan’s party, I find myself  quite free and so I quickly cut + sew a party garland for him. Glad it turns out just as I imagine it to be and most importantly the host was happy to decor it too. Nothing beats a happy satisfied friend 🙂 .

Thanks again Nadia for having us! Mia + even lil Mike had tons of fun at the party.

More pics at Ted’s and party story at Nadia’s . I’ll upload mine in flickr soonish.


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