baby ♥

Some weeks go, we had a small surprise baby shower for a close friend. We pick l♥ve as the theme, where the idea is to shower her with lotsa love and hugs, also the idea came from my fabric stash heh. On a  good note, the surprise work!yay!  The not so good part, Leen, the baby mama was so hungry, and it didn’t help  her husband kept delaying time to eat, diverting to shops (well, truthfully we weren’t ready yet at the time,so hence the delay) , which left her quite upset (Sorry Leen!) . Anyhow, all was good when she saw us smiling away waiting to surprise her.

Fara, my trustee cupcake baker came with a mini red velvet cake (ok,so I personally requested the red velvet .can’t help it! orang lain punya party,orang lain punya demand haha). I was told it was her first time baking red velvet cake, and I dare say it was delish! Seriously dear, am not just saying it just coz your’ my friend, but really it was GOOD.touché babe 🙂  . Zeenia, was kind to come up with games and prizes. Lotsa guessing game, guess the baby hamper price (ted won!) , guess the total no. of chocs in baby bottles (ted won!again!), guess baby stuff from different country and languages (farah won!) and measure the mommy’s belly ( i won!) . But the most hilarious  game was baby word scramble.’Someone’ guessed  baby monitor as “baby tomiron”, there’s more funny funny words, dang I can’t recall it but we sure had a great laugh on that!

On the other hand, I was in charge of the decors and goodie bags for each guest. Farah helped out with the decors as well ( we make a great team kan babe!*wink). It was quite an effort to get a transparent umbrella (thanks fara!), and I  sew up the heart-shape garland and let it hang, but it was all worth it. We totally had a great time planning for this shower!

And now, we so can’t wait for the arrival of baby E. Hope you love the handmade gifts, Leen.

more pictures at ted‘s and flickr


3 thoughts on “baby ♥

  1. hahaha…u were right about the hungry part hence the muka masam look..i guess husband jgn memain with their hungry pregnant wife lah..sian nud..nanti i’ll compensate him back on his bday soon…u guys did great !!! the decos..the cakes…goodie bags..seriously awesome !!! It was one of my ‘best’est moment in life lah tell u…never tot ada org nak throw such party to me hahahaha…i enjoyed it very2 much especially the ‘setan’ and the ‘baby timoron’ was hillarous..thanks to the guys also..paktam n ted..u guys rocks !!!!!

  2. nadia: ohh dear tq for the compliment…im touched hahaha and SHY*

    leen: hahaha now u know how much we treasure our frendship! 🙂

    ira: yerp we DID IT…we such a great DUO lalala more party in future ya! and the red velvet cake, really give me a kick but a great experience indeed. tq for forcing me to do it and beleive me

    ted (if u happen to read): jgn jeles hahaha org puji my Cuppies lalala

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