Keeping Up With the Kids


ell.. , this month has been quite a challenge for four of us!  Mike fell sick. In the beginning, he started of with a ‘light’ cough and little bit sniffles. Then soon after he developed a chesty cough, followed w a bad flu. And then it began. His body felt warm and for every waking hour I took his temperature, praying the fever will goes off. Unfortunately, by morning the fever still didn’t  subside. As I couldn’t wait any longer, I decided to take an EL from work and quickly drove off on my own to our trusted doctor. (Husband was on a tight dateline at work while Mia was send off to school).

M other’s instinct is always always right. I knew something is just not right if the fever doesn’t seem to get any lower. The doctor did a quick checkups with the symptom I’ve described him, and then -the last thing I would wanna hear from him was, ‘you must take him to the hospital now’. Long story short, Mike got admitted to hospital due to Bronchitis. This is the  same thing happened to Mia, when she was about a year old(am digging up the archives,cant seem to find it haih). Luckily, it was just a mild one, but because he’s just a baby- it was quite alarming lah. So, both me and Mike  stayed in for four freaking days and three nights. He was on nebulizer treatment, given all sort of medication and temperature checks every couple of hours. Good thing, he didn’t get poke (unlike Mia, where she was being dripped and I remembered being helpless and cried just to see her like that). Soon after, we’re off back at home.

Y ou would think, the fever+the cough+ the flu episode is over, but na-ah, back home while under my mom’s care (mom was kind to look after both kids during school breaks) Mike’s body temperature rose up again. It was back to high fever. I.just.couldn’t.understand…why? At the same time, Mia too got effected w the fever and flu. Now its two kids down! And we’re back to see that said paed in the hospital,and Mike was treated as an outpatient treatments, while Mia has her own medicine. Mia got well pretty quickly and the following week, Mike was back to his usual self.  However, not too long – Mike fever relapses. By then, I was emotional tired and quite fed-up w the medicine that just doesn’t do wonders to my boy (or so i was told, some med works for some kid,and some just doesn’t-sigh!). Anyhow, this time round we brought Mike to see another paed from another hospital to have a clear answer as to why he is still unwell. And the answer was – he needs antibiotics!(prev paed didn’t prescribe that 😦 !bah!)

It’s been four days after the visit, and Mike is looking SO MUCH BETTER now. He sleeps longer and smiles a whole lot too. Well, even when he was down he still smiles and didn’t fuss much, and loves watching himself in the mirror-vain? that kinda get him distracted quite abit. He has to thank much to his big sister for being such a GREAT entertainer while he was hospitalize (actually Mia enjoyed the to-fro hospital trip w her daddy ) and being such a supportive and loving (read: garang,ask the brother to eat ubat hari2) sister. Thanks friends who came to visit us, send out well wishes and a quick ‘howdy’. Appreciate your caring thoughts.

We’re now looking forward to a great week ahead. And wishing so are You. 🙂

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