The Books

All the above books are bought here, at our local bookstore. The one I’ve been dying to get was this ‘One Yard Wonderbook. Ever since I came to know about it in the crafty blogworld, read it’s reviews here and there, it’s been on my ‘must have book’ list. It did crosses my mind to get it via online – but yes, the shipping rate are just not too kind for me. I have to say “patient is indeed virtue ” hehe. Just when am not looking for it, it’ll pop up right in front of me. Ah the joy of getting your wish list 🙂 .  Anyways, busy is my middle name – and so, I’ve yet to try any of it’s project. How sad.  But when I do, I’ll post it up..whenever that is hoho. ;P

Another GRRRReat book is this The Sewing Book by Alison Smith. If you’re a beginner & have the least knowledge how to operate a sewing machine and ever willing to learn on your own- this is a highly recommended book to get! It has detail photos + elaborate explanation how ( to make ruffles, buttons holes,etc), what (kinds of fabric to use, etc), why (the technique). Totally my sewing bible book. Deserved a Thumbs up!!

Next up, ah yes – my collection of coffee table book. I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks. It cost me RM19.90, too good for me to just pass it off.  So, buy lor! Plus, something I can drool over its stylish, glamorous and practical fashion style. Basically “I Love Your Style is a sumptuous full-color look-book and style bible, complete with more than 400 classic and modern photographs, that will both empower and inspire women to dive into the challenge of defining, or refining, their personal style.” – amazon. Yerp!

And finally, Applique Your Way . This one, I didn’t plan to get it, just one of those ‘hand very itchy to get it as well’ ..ya know. LOL. That being said, this book show some easy and cute stuff to make your project more fun. It’s a great book when you need some ideas and inspiration to get your creative juice flow.

Well, I hope this brief review of mine will get you inspire to get those books I’ve listed. Until then, happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “The Books

  1. thats it, u’ve convinced me to go out and buy “the sewing book” tu! i am hopeless hopeless hopeless at using the sewing machine. my mom gave me her sewing machine and i’ve never once used it. all my sewing is done by hand. leceh woh. how sad is that??? i hope the sewing book is as good as you say it is! ;D

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