Fly with me

via bkids , posted by Wiebke from Line+Liv

Aren’t those angel wings darn cute! I must say, timing couldn’t be better! We have a fairy theme birthday coming up, and I am so inspired with this photos. And since Mia is wing-less, those wings would look good on her.

I say why not, whip up this one up for her. I Google-up for  free angels wings template and print it up. My first intention was to enlarge the printing which I failed to do so  w our home printer due to some setting I just couldn’t be bother to set it, coz you see – time is precious to me. And before baby M wakes up and her sister M bugs me, I must finish do this in 5 heh.  Anyhow, as you can see I end up free hand draw it on a piece of paper.

And here is the end results.

Looks pretty cushy , yes?  Hmm we better tied up her hair in bun just like in the pic above uh.


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