Tracking growth

Mike turns six month old today, and just hours ago I was caught busy googling what puree food should I prep for him (when of course, it should hv been just plain rice lah kan for now heh). What a slack uh. Anyhow, still not too late and nothing to rush about right. After all, he will eventually eat sooner or later. It’s true, second time parenting – I am more relax and a wee bit wiser too.

Every time I look at him, he seems a little taller, a little heavier and little smarter too! Did I mention he loves blowing bubbles. Yerp, that is he’s faves do. Oh and he sure can rolls , that’s how he move from point A to point B now. He almost went under the sofa too the other day. And boys being boys (as i was told), he sure loves to get  stuck at me boobies. Sometimes way too long you see. Ouch!

My girl on the other hand, loves coloring and coloring and coloring. Yes that much! And swimming too. It’s been almost 3 month she’s into swimming lesson and we can definitely see the improvements. But a thing about swimming, we sure depends on the weatherman!


There’s so much been happening in the month of Feb- likes Mike’s aqiqah, was held in Kuantan. I turn a year older (entering the new series) – small celebration w loves ones, i’ll say it a nice age to be at -not too young, not too old,we’ve past the young and reckless age hehe yeke?. On top of that, I’ve been busy completing few sewing projects for a friend. Still WIP (that’s work in progress). Oh I found this awesome book I’ve been dying to get online, but end up I found it right here in our local book shop. Bliss. Will update on that  ..later.

Alritey,until then peeps- Have a GREAT Monday and days ahead! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tracking growth

  1. 6mths edi! so fast kan? my KR pun already 10mths lor. lol baru je start on bubur nasi+carrot….so u are not late la. its never to late with food if u ask me. why rush? 😉 i realised with #2, everything also terhegeh2. taking my sweet time. lol very lax i’d say.

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