Celebrate the Boy!

Two of my faves crafter blogs  Made By Rae and MADE are hosting a great sewing theme this entire February – inspiration in making cool stuff specially for boys! How awesome is that! Of late I’ve been sorta sewing more boyish stuff too – among ’em are the drawstring bag, the chalkmat (ok so its the robo fabric that makes it more boyish hehe). Anyhow, timing couldn’t be better. I’ve been meaning to sew something wearable for young Mike as well. Here a snippet from what to expect this entire month from the two Made-Maids:-

TONS of Boy tutorials* Boy clothing ideas
* TWELVE guest bloggers! (this part REALLY excites me)
* Boy crafts
* Boy bags
* Baby Boy stuff
* Boy giveaways
* Boy design tips

It’s four days into February and the tutorial are making me jiggy with it lol. More of “Celebrate the boy” in flickr

As for myself, as a start, I sew a very simple pants for Mike (just like what I used to sew for Mia). I first started rummaging my overflowing scrapbins late last night, lo and behold I found hubster’s old boxer.Hurrah! I remembered stashing it for reason- upcycling it. Hours later, and this is what I came up with.

Am getting the hang of making this pant. I shall start making more 🙂 .


6 thoughts on “Celebrate the Boy!

  1. Hi Ira, nih shaz (hetty’s friend) …really by chance me came across your blog – was blog hopping for craft then ternampak muke your daughter hehe well Im really keen to learn how to sew but dont know where to start..even bought myself a sewing machine but dont know how to use it hehehe…care to advice how to start…and really like your chalkmat – thought of giving that as favours for ishe’s bday party, but dont know yet whether the party will materialise.

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