the double M

Have I told you Mia has started schooling? Ah yes, she’s officially a preschooler girl! But let me tell ya, sending her off on her first day..wasn’t that easy. Dont laugh, its not her..its ME!bley? No really, I cant believe it that shes going to school now? then what? the next thing I know she’ll be 18,and off to college. Yeah yeah Yeah, drama mommy heh.

She did quite well on her first day- cried few minutes when we left her after her recess time. Then we came back to pick her up, she was all smiling and happy to see us. However, second day she was down w fever, called up the principal and took care of her the whole day. By third day, shes all OK and ready to go back to school, feeling all excited! Upon arrival, two teachers were ready by the entrance door to bring up the kids to their classes. So I just waved her goodbye and planted tons of kisses on her cheeks (haha she better not be embarrassed even when shes 18!).

And now,its been almost three weeks. Of course, like us working adult, Monday can be quite a challenge to wake her up. But by Tues,Wed- shes happy to be back. I’m just happy that she’s happy in her school. Occasionally she does bring home homework- to do some coloring and counting, which is great.Although, there’s one time she went overboard coloring almost the whole workbook!Adoi

Young Mike is such a lovable baby. He adore his sister so much so that whenever Mia was busy yapping he’ll be smiling away AS IF he comprehend what she said. Mike has been quite active in rolling over. Plunk him on a mattress/ bed he’ll turn over in no time.

On another note, I’ve been avoiding (read-restraining!) from eating prawns,crabs, squid for quite a while now. This is because I soon learn my baby will have a bad rash on his cheek if I do eat em. Yah, since he still on my booby juice so for obvious reason anything I eat, he practically gets it lah. Poor mommy uh’ bah!heh..I mean poor Mike. Nevermind boy, I’ll sacrifice anything for you dear, eventho Mommy has to suffer abit lah looking at your Daddy and Aunty Hetz itu hari wallap those crabs  like nobody’s business LOL.

One interesting to note too, I’ve finally brave enough to drive on my own w my two kids in tow. We went to pick Daddy up from his late day at work. Well see how it goes when I’m up for a challenge to bring out the kids on my own to somewhere further … err like Ikea on a crazy weekends? hahaha I hope am kidding!

Ok Toodles!


5 thoughts on “the double M

  1. I hantar Mia to Smart Reader,nearby my housing area je.
    Yes she is toilet trained, and diaperless dah. Well,maybe you could start off by scouting around, make list of school which your interested to send IY, and give them a call. Make appointment + pay them a visit and from there you boleh tengok la mcmana the school handle the kids, what they teach and so on.

    Good luck!

  2. Ahhh…hahaha,my bad.sorry!

    well what kinda helped me w the process was I let her pick her very own undies. Masatu cupcakes was her faves, so that kinda get her more interested to go w/o diaper.

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