Hello Ruffles!

I still heart anything ruffles.

By far, this has to be my best effort in refashioning hubby’s shirt. I’ve been abandon this project for quite a while and just recently the mood to  upcycle the shirt into something wearable came to my mind (while I was browsing  my idea folders). Originally, I wanted to turn it into my dress (idea from here), but half way through (it was almost done!)  I decided hmm waddaheck, it’ll look cuter on Mia then her mother lol. So yeah, shorten it up, tweaking here and there and here’s the end results.

mia men shirt refashion

Since I am never good at taking body measurement, it got a wee too tight on Mia’s chest, yikes!So so… luckily I have few invisible zippers which I’ve been keeping it waiting for the right time to use it, and hey this is the TIME teehee.  Ah yes, you’ll prolly notice the ruffes are not the same length haha.Geez  tell you the truth I could not be bother dah to repair it . However, I do have ideas on how to hide the flaws, maybe a sash belt will do good uh? On another hand, Mia requested two pocket, but as you can see there’s only one. Again, too tired to bother at that point of time. Will whip up another pocket for you dear when Mommy has more time.

More pic will be uploaded in my flickr since I’m running out of space to upload pictures here in wordpress haih.

Oh but let me tell ya, it wasn’t easy to complete this one piece, what with the neverending housechores, the juggling w two kids, preparing dinner .. ah, I’ll say yay me!


7 thoughts on “Hello Ruffles!

  1. yay you!!!!! nice!!!!

    flaws only make the baju special la ira (in my opinion) and makes it sorta personalized and definitely home made! be proud of the flaws!!! i suka bende yg ada flaws ni hehehe

  2. my 1st reaction is also same same with nadia. it’s very super adorable lah. senget pun senget lah. hihi.

    oh gosh, u came back from work & cook dinner summore? hat’s off to you la beb…

  3. *blush* i ja..haha..but thanks babe.i got great inspiration’ from others as well.

    anne, i cook whenver i can lah, nothing’ fancy..just verrrrry simple dish je, goreng moreng stuff haha’

    nadia, nak business apa babe?! P

    yanz, aww youre so kind!! actually i do think ‘of it’ ‘like what u say,kinda personalize.plus,its kinda like a reminder for me…TRY not to repeat the mistak’e too!”haha

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