Lovin December

Been pretty occupied with life – work, kids, house chores..ah the usuals. But on top of it all, am lovin all day in December! The Christmas, the long weekend breaks, the year end sale, the meeting up w old friends and latest, our first as family of four, a holiday up north-Kedah & Penang! Well, in fact we just got back yesterday and it was a blast! All we did was eat, eat, eat and EAT! tsk tsk My goodness heh.

kiddos mike and mia

The road trip was accompanied with two other family.Yeah, we just love traveling in groups, more fun that way. We first headed to Kedah where we attended our good friends wedding. Stayed one night in AS at the Star City Hotel.Good thing about this hotel the room was pretty cozy and it has free internet access! Not bad at all. That night, we went out w few other friends looking for good seafood.

Penang was our next destination. Stayed at The Royal Penang. Again, good hotel as well w free internet access too (err goes to show how lifeless well be w/o it uh hehe). Got ourself a promo rate, which was awesome, we’ll since we booked it months ago tho. As I mention, the trip was more of looking for good food and chilling around, which we did that aLOT. I must say, kids was just awesome. Mia behave quite well, which we ended buying her a so called doll house- which has mother + daughter barbie, a bike , slides and swings. She was s0 excited and thrilled that she quickly took off her shoes the moment we step in the hotel room. Yeah she headed to open and play w it. until late night. Mike was happy in his maxi cosi, in his snugg carrier, under my ketiak, well basically hes relatively easy to bring around lah. Except, when its under a hot hot sun that is.


Coming to year end, one Must to-do thing is looking for a calendar! For me that is. However, instead of searching for one, I plan to make one instead.  Hmmph, well sadly I haven’t materialize it. I have no one but myself to blame for freaking procastinate getting a new toner for the printer.Gah!

As for new year reso, gee…I do have fews, but someone told me it will only work if you keep it as a secret. So there,I’m keeping mine too. But  care to share yours? hehe .Anyhow, Have a great day ahead and Happy Happy New 2010!

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