Of Fairies and Robots


This two drawstring bags are made to serve as my kid’s laundry bags. Fairy design for Mia and Robots for baby Mike. Both to be taken to their babysitter.

fairydrawstringbag robodrawstringbag

Drawstring bags are my faves and among the easiest to make too. Manage to whip this up over the weekends (yes, just easy project at the moment). I personally feel it’s best not to mix  their dirty clothes together, what more Mike’s baby clothes are wash separately from us all. Of course, the possibility of this kinda bag are endless. I can store up their toys, their socks, their bottles and even their books & crayons when travel.

Using the same fairy fabric, I sew mini kaftan for not so mini Mia. Good thing it fits her, not so good thing I sucked at the sleeves part (wee bit tight). Urgh! Anyhow, love seeing her in kaftan! See how playful she is nowdays. Cannot stand still.



On another update, Ive been receiving emails regarding on Mia’s party favor – chalkmat. Yes, I sew it myself. Bought the material online couple months back. I didn’t realize some of you reader are interested with it.

Basically the idea of this roll up chalkmat are for kids who love doodling. Even as adult, I love to doodles too hehe. What makes it fun is  that its portable, erasable and most definitely reusable. Few ways I can think of its uses are place mat (turn over to the fabric side, of course its best to wipe clean the chalk mat, i use baby wipes) , or you can even place it at your fridge door( with a magnet) to display your kid’s creative doodling or even list down your To Do List or or  even your Today’s Menu! 😉

On a bright side I got myself a customer! Thanks  Mazuen for believing in me. She bought the chalkmat for her girl. Hope she loves it as much as my girl (+me) enjoy doodling it. Have fun!



14 thoughts on “Of Fairies and Robots

  1. yes fara, because you’re a wonderful baker 🙂

    hahaha….no lah yvy hehe..just taking small2 orders boleh la.

    hi zaitul! didnt realise you dah selamat beranak. congratulations!! yerp, sure..email me!

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