Awesome: is when you get what u want

I am just thrill with this carrier!


frontview meshhood sleevecarrierbag

pictures frm snuggbaby

It’s by What makes it more awesome, it is a local made! I got it pimped with a meshed sleeping hood and a front waist pocket. Not only that, I can even roll it up and tuck it in its carrier sleeve bag. Now you gotta agree with me, this is cool!

I received the carrier couple weeks ago. Initially, I wanna blog about it until I snap a picture of myself + the kids wearing it. But heck,  couldn’t resist to blog away, but will definitely post up the pics soon!

Mia had the privileged to give a test run first before her baby brother. Lo and behold, while she’s in it, I didn’t feel the heaviness of carrying her (she’s 12kg btw). Of course, when Mike was in it, couldn’t feel a thing too. No backache, shoulder ache or what nots. Bliss! I have to say, the carrier itself is fashionable cool too.

I have to thank to this awesome babe, Liza(of Snuggbaby ) who came up with a brilliant ssc* carrier. Just like its motto, if its not snug, its not snugg.

Snuggbaby just celebrated its first aniversary. She’s currently having a blog giveaways so if you’re looking for a carrier, I totally recommend it. Get it now and you could  be in the running to win the SSC carrier ( I would love to have more too!lol) and a mystery gift.

Again,happy birthday Snuggbaby!You got yourself one happy customer here. )

*ssc – soft structured carrier


3 thoughts on “Awesome: is when you get what u want

  1. thanks nino!
    i first took up baju kurung lesson from my friend tini (from, you can try email her).it was just for two days. lepas dari tu i learned on my own. mostly from internet and trial+ error hehe, but sometimes i do seek helps from my other sewing blogger as well.
    hope this inspired you to pursue w sewing! 🙂

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