Mike turns three months


Here’s Ted jr. looking all macho haha.

Yesterday, we took him for his monthly jab. Mike being a real boy didn’t cry one bit. I was kinda worried if he was gonna gave a loud wail (like his big sister!), but na-ah, instead he just smiled and continue sleeping.Champion betul!

On the other hand, he still has that cradle cap. It kinda comes and go. We did apply olive oil on his head, but like I say, it  still comes and go. Doc finally told us to get shampoo specially for the cradle cap. And I just did! It’s by Buds. Gonna give it a try. Praying hard this work. (but if any of you know a great remedy that works, do tell. I’ll be happy to give it a try too.)

A week ago, Mike’s face  was covered with red patches all over . It  was quite upsetting. I was afraid if its an eczema. But looking back of what could be the cause, I remembered having a hearty dinner with lotsa prawns the night before. So I suspected that might be the reason, since he is still on  my boobymilk, it maybe? trigger the allergic perhaps? I don’t know but my instinct it is. For days we applied Mike’s face with sebamed facial cream. By the third day, it has subside. We couldnt be more happier w the result. And yes, as for now I try (try?) avoiding from eating seafood.boohoo

At this month, he now weights 7kilos. Totallllly daddy’s boy. My current obssession with Mike is his smelly mitten hehe. Man, it’s like a drug to me.Wish I can bottle it up and keep it for-e-vah.LOL ok silly mommy.

6 thoughts on “Mike turns three months

  1. Hi Ira, try propolis – Brand Avail Beauty. Last few weeks, kite kena gegatal satu badan hampir seminggu –amik injection pun x jadi apa.Finally, lumur propolis campur air skit kat badan yg gatal2 tuh, alhamdulillah terus hilang. Mujarab.

  2. Ira, u can get from a agent/stokist Avail Beauty Product.. this is a direct selling product . If u want it, i can send to u. Pls don’t get me wrong, the idea is to share the goodness. Nothing to do with recruiting or whatever 🙂

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