Warm and Fuzzy

mia and mike
So here’s the latest pix of my two kids! Yes, she very sayang her baby brother, which is good to know.
mike smile
And am sure Mike loves her big sister too.

It feels warm and fuzzy just looking at this two picture of them together. Mike is growing up fast, he almost doesn’t look like a two month old baby here! Whenever someone came up to me, asking how old my baby is, they hardly believe this chubby baby is barely 3 months. Well, I guess my boy’s inherits his daddy’s gen heh. On another note, we discover Mike has cradle cap.I know there is nothing major to be worried about, pretty normal that it happens to some babies, but looking at his skin’s head scaly and crusty makes me cringe a little. But other than that, he’s healthy, he poops alot and sleep a whole lot too.

As for Mia, she too has grown up fast. Sometimes whenever I couldn’t keep up with  her inquisitive questions, I’ll try to distract her with some crafting, which she begins to love ‘cut’ ‘cut’ and play w glue! with that she can  at least be still and quite for awhile before continue asking mommy 1001 questions again. One happy happy things I should highlight here also  is she’s been diaperless during day time. That’s a huge step at least for me, as her mother.  I’m sure like what most parents has gone thru, it was quite a challenge to teach them to wee wee on their own. But given time and lotsa patient, Mia finally ready to be on her undies! so Yay! She’s most happy in her Dora and pink cupcakes undies. Very girlish girl indeed. She’s still very much into her cooking, playing w her dolls and pushing her toy-stroller (which we got her some 2 years ago!). She knows well to say ‘thank you‘,’you’re welcome‘  and ‘I’m sorry‘. But what I love most is ‘Goodnight! I love you Mommy’ and planted kisses on my cheek and nose and forehead w a tight hug. Now nothing beats your day right whenever you hear your kids says that.

On another note, we just threw a birthday party for her last weekend, will update on that real soon.Until then, have a nice week ahead peeps!


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