Losing my cool

2008-08-08-time saving sites
{Image courtesy of Ohdeedoh}

Yep, my life is pretty much like what’s been pin up here! As a mom, whether working or at home full time, you may occasionally feel like you are living close to the edge of insanity. And I am NO exception.

It happened to me couple days ago. I felt overworked, overtired, overcommitted and just plain overwhelmed.I thought I was doing so well handling my baby and my daughter, but little did I realize the never ending house chores has taken a toll on me , got a little irritated w silly silly things, and then one thing leads to another, and mommy lose her cool.

I was practically more mad at myself, than to my kids and my husband. I was frustrated for not asking extra hand when needed, when I shoulda have. I’m angry and frustrated for not giving myself a break and just let some things wait.Bcoz some things can wait (the washing,the cleaning) all that can wait. Its not like I didn’t know how to ask for help, I thought I can manage this.I can I can I can, but I don’t. 😦

I should have known it’s coming, but I was in denial and when it did, it was terrible. I had a meltdown. But thanks heaven for a getaway for just couple of hours by myself sans kids and husband, I came back with a fresh mind and slightly happier. It was indeed a well-earned break.

No matter how much I love being with my family, a time -out just to be on my own is a must! I gotta love myself too. I hate feeling like the worst mommy or wife in the world coz that would only makes me act like one. So lesson learned, am giving myself a break from time to time. (i would like to believe the imbalance hormone too contribute to this PMS-ing too!)

Life may not be the same when you have one or two kids, but what I can see here is how we handle and cope with it, now that  is something I am still learning.


On brighter side, all four of us went to catch MJ’s  “This Is It”! Mike was sucha good good boy throught out the movie, which makes us plan for the next cinema trip! Mia on the other hand was so engross with it, she hardly bug us with her endless Whys. Until at the end of it she finally asked us “mana lagu Heal the world Mia?”. Coz that’s her fav!


2 thoughts on “Losing my cool

  1. Hey babe, as wat u’ve pointed out, take it easy k?
    Dont forget your me-time.. no matter how short it is, it’s CRUCIAL.
    And dont be too hard on yourself.. at the end of the day we are just TRYING to be a good mom/wife.. so adela time yg fail2 sikit.. hehe.. standard aa..

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