on me and my kids


Just went I was holding up the camera pointing to both of us, ” ready Mia-smileeee!”, my cheeky girl decided its MORE fun putting her finger up her nose.


Sure enough, the more we say “don’t do that!“‘ the moreee she finds it amusing to do it. Ah well thanks honey, Mommy gave up taking nice shots  of you+me, and ends up laughing together with you looking at these pictures.

Here’s my 57days old baby Mike. Looking more chubbier doncha’ think? I’ve taken plenty of pictures of those chunky thighs via mobile for keepsake heh. Man, gotta love those thighs and cheeks!

ted jr

I’m enjoying my last October as a stay at home mommy. Nevermind I hardly have my me time these days, but things have been good. Now that is something to appreciate right?. Of course, I do have some shitty days but good times definitely outweighs it. However, it would have been great last Sunday if Beyonce were here and us ’single ladies’ can have our bootylicious night out. What a bummer (her or whoever) to call off the concert!

Anyhow, Mia is finally acting up as the big sister. The first thing she wakes up, she’ll ask me “Mana Mikail?”, and then only “where’s daddy?”. Aww, she asked her baby brother first before her daddy! She’s more cooperative and less whining, which is great. Oh! Couple days ago, she asked me “Mummy, apa niii?” pointing to Mike’s birdie as I was changing his diaper. I knew it that day will come, just never knew this soon! Told her “that’s Mike’s birdie, just like your shame-shame Mia,just that it look slightly different”. I  would like to believe she gets it, but just soon after she just chuckles and continue playing w her toys.

As for young Mike here, he now weights 5.6kilos. I can’t help it but to compare him with Mia at this stage. Mia was one colicky baby,he’s not.  Mike is such a content baby.Mia rarely spits up, Mike does (nevermind even if I burped him). Mia loves to be in sling, but not lil’ Mike here.He makes so much noise in it that I decided he’s better off left in his Cabrio. Now am in search of other types of babywear. Moby wrap looks interesting.Oh but liza’s new invention looks  brilliant too!

Soon, I’ll be back to work and will miss being at home w my two kids!


8 thoughts on “on me and my kids

  1. haha, i love it when hetz refer mike as mini ted 🙂
    and gosh, the snugg baby is amazing! makes me wanna pop a baby right now just so i can have a reason to have it 😀

    i have a some sort of a moby wrap which worked great & super comfy. the only downside is the fabric is very lo long and it takes a while to wrap it around you. oh whaddeheck, just get both la

  2. i can make some $$ for young mike here for everytime people say he looks like ted! LOL!!

    anne: i doubt it i can get both la babe.but would love to give it a try w moby wrap and othr carrier as well.nak test which one suits best w mike.

    err…anyone got moby wrap for me to test test dulu?

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