Hi!(a)M back ;)


I’m happy to be back here, in kl, on my own bed w my own stuff. Nothing beats having a place of your own! All the while during my confinement I was in Ipoh at my parent’s house.Ma was such a great help w Mike and Mia the whole time we were there. Bless you Ma!

On the day we came back, Mia and I got a v pleasant surprise. As I entered Mia’s room, I couldn’t believe my eyes.Turns out, Ted secretly did Mia’s room. And best part was, he was still at work went we came back. Man, he’s good at this surprise thing! Of course I was beyond thrilled (Mia was even more so!) w the whole new look of the room. Told Mia to make sure give daddy  one BIG hug and kiss when he’s back. Funnily, when Ted finally came back, Mia couldn’t  wait to show her daddy her new room, as if daddy doesn’t know! LOL!

Bravo daddy! The many reason why I married this man*wink ;P

mia's room

However, there’s still plenty more to be done w the room. There’s the top shelf he plan to setup, the carpet, but ikea is running out of stock. Guess for now we just wait and be happy w the room :).

As for myself, besides being a busy mommy w a newborn and a toddler at home, I still occupied my time w a small  crafting project ( altho not that easy when you have a talkative toddler, who just loves to play pretend and beg her mommy to EAT her playdoh nasi goreng). I could say it is almost done, but there’s still plenty more to go. Will only reveal when the time comes ya. Until then, night night.


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