I'm gonna keep on dancing

Lil’ Mike just turn a month older today. Yipee yay! (Even Mike is Yay-ing teehee)


He’s been such a blessing. Mia is ridiculously lucky that her baby brother hardly cry out loud at night, so she has pretty good sleep at night. Mommy  too is counting her lucky stars (+blessing) as she too didn’t lose much sleep either. By far the little guy wakes up three times at most to be fed and changed, with minimal sound. I couldn’t be more happier. Let’s hope he’ll stay the same when am back to work too.*crossing my fingers + legs*

Mike is most alert during early mornings, where mom would take him out for a walk around the house compound taking fresh air. Having a boy this time round, teaches me one new thing. To always ..always be prepared with extra towel, covering up his birdie from ‘spraying’ all over myself, the bedsheet and his clothes. It happened waaayy to many times you see.  On a cute note, Mike ‘grumbles’ in his sleeps, like seriously. It’s freaking cute that everytime he does it I feel like pinching him haha. Like his sister, he has this love-hate relationship w blanket. One moment he’s fine w it, the next he’ll be kicking reaaal hard pushing it away. Ah well, as long as you don’t catch cold young man!

When I look at Mike, and how grown up Mia is now, my first thought was how crazy in love I am with this two! I truly believe more than anything else, love knows no boundaries. I learned love matured and blossoms, and as cliche as it may sound, it definitely multiplies. Having ’em in my life makes it so worth it, and I could not thank Allah for I am blessed that I get to be a mother.

PS: yeah, we shave up his hair.


8 thoughts on “I'm gonna keep on dancing

  1. lovely post dear…i too agree on the love and the fact that it blossoms without you realising it..especially to our darlings..

    feeling thankful..alhamdullillah for the blessings Allah has showered us..especially to be able to feel the love and be loved by cute munchkins like yours..

    he’s so chubby!

    kak su

  2. hey babe, am happy that you are happy and Mike is cooperating well.
    mmg rasa overwhelmed with love kan? wait till they can play n chuckle with each other.. ; )
    nanti dah back here bagitau k.. (mcm stalker plak)

  3. what a lovely entry :). You inspire me to have more kids haha soon-ish insyaAllah :p
    Anyway enjoy the remaining of your confinement days in Ipoh. See you guys when you come back. We miss you and Mia (and baby Mike of course) very much ;). Take care dear!

  4. hey, thanks for dropping by.
    i love your blog and the crafts, so lovely..
    your kids, adorable 🙂

    yes, someone told me..when you have more kids, the love doesnt get dividied, it multiplies. illogical but true!

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