Day 11

And so my life as a mother of two is finally here.

Today on the eleventh day since the baby was born and my girl just turned three, I could not feel more bless,happy,content and grateful for what the Almighty granted us. Syukur alhamdullilah.

I am more relaxed now, as compared to last week where everything went so fast and I kinda lost my breath to just sit back and relax. Thank goodness for supportive husband, ever loving and patient mother and most definately great set of good listener friends, for without them I think I might not be as strong as I can be.

I am still learning to adapt having to juggle two kids, a baby and a toddler. And truthfully, I am more tired to handle Mia as compare to her baby brother. Good thing the husband and I didn’t expect her to get along right away with her brother. She was happy to finally get to see Mikail real life, but got easily jealous on the things baby Mike received gifts from our fellow friends and family. New onesies are hers! new booties are hers! even the cabrio seat she claimed is hers and cried to be put in there when we wanted to place baby Mike instead. Yes, end up Mia ‘won’ and seat in there the whole time on our journey back home. I was frustrated at first, but soon realised Mia must have felt so much more as the attention is no more on her and her alone. We both agreed not to scold her during this phase, in fact just let her be and true enough, she did calm herself down after throwing her tantrum and jealousy to her brother.

Of course there are ups and downs, but most times I try to stay positive. Although the inner part of me can’t deny feeling helpless as I’m  not capable to accomodate her needs and demands, makes me a little sad. A friend told me to take one steps at a time. She’s right. I really should. For all I know, I might even miss this phase! hah!

Baby Mike on the other hand has been such an angel! (hope I don’t speak too soon!touchwood!touchwood!). He can even sleep while Ma gave him a bath! Totally amaze me. A day before we got discharge, he has a slight jaundice. A follow up checkup w the paed, it has subside and we couldn’t be more thankful. Boobfeeding has been great too so far.Let’s hope my journey w BF will last longer this time round.

Many thanks for your kind wishes dear idoublera blogreader. And friends, thank you for making your time to visit us. Last but not least, may all of you have a Merry Hari Raya! 🙂 Take care!



10 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. give mia a bit of time. she’s still adjusting to being a big sister and no longer the only child hehe but im sure she’s very excited about having an adik. and something tells me she’s going to be one hell of a great big sis to baby mike :).
    enjoy ur confinement babe. insyaAllah we’ll go visit you after hari raya :p

  2. I echo Hetty! Give her a lil’ bit more time. It took me a while to adjust too when my brother arrived and we are 6 years apart! Heh. Good to hear that Mike’s such a good baby. Take good care, yeah? 🙂

  3. I’m sure you will be a super hot mama…can handle both Mia & Mike. Give Mia more time..since she ws one & only child for the past 3 yrs…erm, now I’m wondering..what’s the best & most suitable time to preggie again…hoho..Take care dear. Selamat Hari Raya to you & family 🙂

  4. yeah mia needs time. and just like her, you should take your time adjusting too. dont feel bad if you feel sad at first rather than overjoyed, helpless or incapable.. nanti everything will settle, trust me. Just enjoy the little2 stuff ard you, like gazing at baby Mike sleeping, his tiny fingers ..cos kejap je the phase will pass you by ( i dunno but i think baby No2 grow faster.. haha!). If you need anything, just holler!

  5. congrats again!! she will soon adapt, just ask her to tolong in everything with adik and she will be fine. day 11 days old??? cepat kan..i am in denial..Ava will be 3 in 4 more days and si Ben lak already 19 months!!! since when he turned 19 months??? soo fast..makes me want another NOT!

  6. yeah, i guess you girls are right. am giving her more freedom and time to adjust w her baby brother.after all, baru sebelas hari kan!

    thanks peeps! i do feel SO much better now, am taking things easy too, not good aight’ to be stress up during this confinement period. happy mommy makes a happy kids no?! 🙂

  7. I’m glad to hear that you are comfortable and relaxed now and taking one day at a time 🙂 Must be challenging to adjust with two little ones (and indeed one littler than the other!) but i know you’ll pull through! You’re such a kickass momma!!

    Much love and hugs to the two babies – i wish i could see you and the fam for raya but this year but no go la babe. I’ll see you after raya la ok?

  8. alhamdulillah, glad to know that you’re holding up well with 2 kids in tow now! Nobody says it’s going to be easy, and you’re blessed with good help & great support from people around. That’s it, keep on feeling positive! you’re gonna be just fine, nope, not fine, you’re gonna be great!

  9. aliaa, you’re so sweet! yes couz, we see you after raya hokay!!

    anne, *cry* thanks anne! for believing i can do this.

    mel & sham,hi there! thank YOU! oh u wanna know? thought no one would ask, ok in my next entry ya. 😉

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