rain or shine,bring your umbrella!


its august already! yikes!


13 thoughts on “rain or shine,bring your umbrella!

  1. wow…its very nice…whats ur secret ehhh??i mean…where do u get all the energy to do it all??hehehe…not trying to pry but seriously im amazed.ur preggie yet u still have time to do this and manage ur family.waaaaa…ada tips tk?im preggie too…nk settle kan yg wajib(chores…etc…) pun mcm tk cukup nafas hahaha :p

  2. well zaitul, truthfully, i dont have that much energy at the end of the day pun hehe.and like u too, i ada juga masa-masa tak cukup nafas, tired, cranky, you name it. after all, we’re human being kan. but one thing i learn is to accept the imperfection in life, and be happy (+grateful) about it instead of whining and feeling helpless. im no superwoman,never will, never be.

    bila penat tu,rehat lah kejap. but most importantly, ask for help when needed! delegate housework, and yes thanks to my dedicool for being such a sport husband.altho sometimes kena nudge him abit harder!haha

    as for my hobby, i believe when you love the things you do, for some reason you don’t feel tired about it and you’ll make time for it too. 😀

    and congratulation zaitul on your 2nd pregnancy!

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