Sew Update



My heeuge pink tote. The idea is for purpose of carrying our heavy load groceries (Go Green peeps!). Good thing its foldable, easy for me to stash it into my handbag. The pink fabric is from ikea, while the yellow heart shape fab was bought wayyyy back before I even own a sewing machine (the beginning of fabric hoarder?!yikes!). Ideas from here. Of course, I change it from using velcro to using button.

And by far, this is the only baby stuff I sew for my little guy, Mango. His play/sleeping mat.


16 thoughts on “Sew Update

  1. mom2que, can! mail me how you like it to be )

    afti, funny, i have someone also requesting for a telekung bag (read mia’s babysitter). great suggestion btw! will try to figure that out. and thanks!

    tini,yerp! am lovin the color too.

  2. OMG seriously babe?? it’s sooooo ultra cun!!!!!

    can i order a bag from u too pls???

    oh and ni i nak chup awal2 k. the moment i am pregnant and know the gender for my anak, i’m gonna order a quilt/blanket for my second anak πŸ™‚ deal??????

  3. nadia hadi, eh u! hehe thank you! how’s lil rania?

    mom2que, ok consider it done ! πŸ™‚

    yanz, hehe..insya-Allah. i would try my very best to sew baby quilt for your 2nd baby whenever that is.

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