My Lil' Hoot Surprise!

Boy how shall I start this.

A day before, my Mom kinda blurt out to me saying ‘chor (my brother) told me you’re gonna have a baby shower party tomorrow’, to which I was like “what?really!?”. I then text my brother asking him, “Am I going to have a shower party tomorow?wink wink”, which he replied w a firm “tak adeeee lah!”. I’m like “OH No ah? ahh thats ok”. Thinking, Ma might have confuse with somethingelse?. She does that sometimes which is why I didn’t take it so seriously at first. I then told Ted about it, which he said ” Well, chor did asked when is the right time to do it, I said maybe in August la since July am pretty busy”. I’m like hokay, no biggie!

Next day (sunday), Ted told me he needed to see his client somewhere near Ikano, and asked Mia and me to tag along as later we can go have lunch and a  quick  shop for Mia’s baju raya (yeah early shopping prep peepol,as by then I would be in pantang mode).

As we passed by Bianco, I told Ted “hey, I’ve always wanted to try out that restaurant!”, to which he replied “ha jom lah we eat there, since my client just told me she’s waiting in there too”. Little did I know, he knew it all along! But, as we were walking up, I saw there were balloons decors, making it seems like there’s a private party in there. Told Ted maybe we should just eat  at  outside by restaurant’s patio. But Ted just ignored me and continue walking (I bet he cannot tahan ‘d keeping the secret!heh). Not being suspicious at all, Mia and I followed. As we’re approaching the front door, I could see two of my friend, but it got me puzzled and I cannot put things together as to  how on earth they know each other, doesn’t make sense at all.

As I step in, I could see Nadia, Hetz, Nurul,Mas, my brother chor together w my SIL and her baby Sarah,Fara, Najib, Leen!and her husband, my aunties and Nikmummy. Still I was clueless as hell. You see, all the while I was thinking about Food!Food!Food! (hungry pregnant woman la katakan),then suddenly seeing all my friends gather around, I was stunned. Took me couple of seconds to finally say a word! If I recall correctly, the first word came out was “Why are you guys all here? Buat apa kat sini ha? “.It  finally hit me (doink!), that they’re throwing me a baby shower surprise! Honestly, I was >this< close to shed tears, but manage to held back as I see the smiling faces and giggling  from them. Awww you guys rock lah! I couldn’t be happier and thrill with the surprise.

Now now, hubby you’re so good at keeping this whole thing undercover uh. Smart!Man I Love you to bits! ;P

Just few minutes later, my cousin Aliaa w her bf, Imran came in and followed by Yan and Ayra. We were served bruchetta, pizzas and  delish pasta. Farah baked an owl theme cupcakes, which is so freakin’ cute I can barely stand it!LOL. SIL brought a cake w owl deco on top (too cute!) and there’s diaper cake courtesy from my mommy blogger friend, Nik, Yan and Hetz. All with the lil’ hoot themed! Lovin it! I know I might have  went overboard telling you girls how much I love owl uh hehe.

The fun didn’t stop there. We had games handle by Nadia and Ted. The pop-quiz about me!, the ‘how big is my belly’ and ‘draw the baby from your head’. It was hilarious and sheer fun picking up the winners. Favors  and gifts was creatively done by Nadia. Thanks babe!

Oh Mia was one happy kid too. She actually thought the party was for her! LOL. We pretended it was really her birthday and play along singing the birthday song. Mia was so excited to blow the candle! Good thing we manage to snap photos of it and caught it on video. Like I said, she was one happy bunny lah that day!

All in all, I feel truly bless and lucky to have friends and love ones like  all of you. And thank you for the wonderful wishes and generous gifts for my lil’mango. Am sure to tell him how much everyone is waiting for his arrival. Ahh yes, It’s a BOY! 🙂

p/s: I was told, the plan went way back a month+ ago!!

p/p/s: Lesson learn, never tell any secret to my bro!LOL

now, heres the pictures.


I had no idea there was even an invitation card. Nadia fwded this to me!

l-r: baby shower favors,  owl notepad gifts, table setting w pop quiz on the left side (all by Nadia). You impress me babe!

l-r : diaper cake, owl  cuppies (by farah) and baby shower cake (by SIL)


l-r : the cuties, mia, sarah and emmil

you peeps!


4 thoughts on “My Lil' Hoot Surprise!

  1. Yaaaaaayyyy! Glad that you loved everything about it – all my “last-minute” preps didn’t go to waste. Hahaha! Anyhow, sorry that the drawn baby picture looks a bit demented.. haha.. but I had loads of fun! I should start this business alreadylah. Damn!

  2. yeah babe you’re SO talented lah w this party planner thingy! start biz already lah!i’ll support you!

    and yes yes, i enjoyed the whole time! couldn’t believe you guys hv plan it all along!haih..
    clap!clap!thank you once again.

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