From the Land of Sunrise


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Look at that cute hat! Would love to dress up like this! V.typical Japanese uh. But of course, not with my condition right now.

I grew to love Japanese arts and crafts for quite  a while now. There are so many kawaii stuff online,  from their clothing, fabrics! and most definitely their crafting ideas are oh! am so inspired. Many times, I would go “that’s cute!”, “Now that’s pure genius” but most times “why didn’t I think of that?”.

O well, here’s one of my many favorite  jap’s site, some are old and some are couples of news ones I found.

Japan Couture Addict– this site is written in French, so you might need to use google language tool for translation
Japan Craft Journal – her first entry dated May 16,09 makes me wanna go back to BKK!
Kawaii Crafter – whatelse, all kawaii!
Sew I Do – a very talented Indonesian resides in Japan!– she has an extensive Japanese sewing and pattern terms – free sewing pattern
Flickr Japanese Sewing Pool


On the same note, a dear friend who just got back from her hols in Japan brought a gift for me, this utterly cuuute matryoshka clip together with an owl notepad. O Love love! Thank you dear, how v.thoughtful of you. 🙂


And while we’re in topic of Japan, I couldn’t stop thinking of Ultraman. You see, my daughter has started to have interest in watching it ( pick up frm bbsitter’s place). She would go ‘Hee-yak’ with funny hand-action to us, (tapi lemah lembut still) say “A-men” pelat like that. Thankgoodness she did not lift up her leg. Oh Dear!


4 thoughts on “From the Land of Sunrise

  1. i love the cool & serene cuteness of that particular japanese fashion – none of those wild harajuku/cosplay stuff – thankyouverymuch!

    hahah i cannot imagine mia he-yak dengan lemah lembutnya. jgn kasi jadi cam kakak nunu, dah mcm jantan gayanya

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