Talking 'bout My Girl


She tells me many things these days. She’s happy to include make believe in her play. “Mommy smile, ambik gambar”, among her favourite things to do. Pretending snapping pictures of myself and her daddy with any toys she picks up. She loves having dessert after every meal just like her mommy :). She is always up to read books, play masak-masak,play bubbles, go for walks, coloring and scribbling. Always singing and making her own tunes. She can be funny, silly, jumpy and shy lil’ girl too. She is constantly on the look for playgrounds. She calls her doll “baby mia”, and my mango “baby mummy”. She loves yellow color the most. She is the most charming person that I have ever met. She is mommy’s greatest inspiration and “mummy loves you munchkin!”.


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