Mango's entry

And so I’ve entered my 24th week of pregnancy.

Life’s been pretty good so far. Love my round belly, which makes me love rubbing  it too! And mango has been one active fella too, as I speak.pusing sana,pusing sini . That picture above, are mango’s sonogram scan from our monthly checkup. In my flickr, I’ve tag few notes to this image.  Headed there if you’re interested to know.

Other than that,  I had  what my gynae diagnose a mild UTI during my last checkup, but thank gawd the pain has lessen now. I’ve also cut down stressing myself with housework(and..err office work too can?heh). Mia has been a darl, kissing and hugging my belly whenever I requested her  (yah nowdays with her, everything also on request,no more volunteer to hug Mommy or Daddy). On top of that, I have a feeling am gaining alot! Darn! I can eat almost anything and everything. Yerp peeps, hello mother of whale here! ;P


7 thoughts on “Mango's entry

  1. Haha sorry dear, I reformat my hard disk once and tak back-up my Favourites. Have lost most of my blog hopping list. Busy all this while tak sempat nak tanya and now I just went thru all your archives, and amboi amboiiii, can bukak kedai baju dah ok??? Haha. So now you’ve got back what’s the machine’s worth heh? I je tak beli2 lagi still in my ultimate dream huhu

    Btw I nak that camera strap osoooo 🙂 Cepatlah jual.

    Oh another thing, anyone else that I know is pregnant (from the office)? Kak Shida dah?

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