Just for mommy

imma cook something special for her (of course, for daddy too)!

making her fav.dish, nasi ayam! oh, wait ..thats MY fav., nevermind lah, as long as everyone can enjoy heh

but wait ah, be patient! not yet ready, still coOOoking.

<serious lookin chef in her so called kitchen corner>

let me check the taste,

emmm..maybe a lil bit salt in there!

ok, now it tastes BETTER, me think! can call mommy daddy dah.

Mom!Dad! Lunch is ready!Come and getit!


and that is how I celebrated my Mothers Day with my cheeky lil girl and hubby at home. Later that night, we join in for a dinner w hetz & co. Great fun!


13 thoughts on “Just for mommy

  1. woHoooo ira cani have the cooking set too? togtha with the apron n headchef Cap 🙂 so comey and the story line so so cooL….happy belated Mother’s day

  2. hi ira, may u share where to get the cutest wooden cooking set? u bought them online? woud like to buy as gift for my niece. super duper unique n cute the design!! and ur dotter , she is so adorable, shud send her for casting!

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