Of this and that


Of all the housework, I hate HATE folding clothes. I procrastinate so much so, that when it comes to folding time, I almost throw up (and get pissed easily). It is just too much work you see. And don’t even get me started with ironing. Thank gawd the husband has been kind enough to send his working clothes to the professional heh. He knows better, his wife is terrible in that department. Well, terrible by his standards that it. True, housework wont kill you, but Why take the chance uh?


Alhamdulillah, Im doing ok, and so does mango. Well, except the fact I feel SO pregnant! Isnt it too early to be feeling the way am feeling right now? The facts that I feel (and look?) like a whale and walk like a penguin! So unlike my first pregnancy. You might have notice, Ive yet to reveal my belly pix. Not that I havent taken month by month shots, just not keen to publicize it here. Not just yet. On another note, I took back my old maternity wear over the weekends back home. Reality really hits me, I can easily fit into it at five months, while back then, I started wearing it late six month.  Tak apa lah, as long as people know am not fat, im pregnant (ok fine, a little fleshy now!)  )

Mia, the boss kecik

She LOVES singing, talks non-stop, and shriek whenever she gets upset over something really Really silly (wind blowing & the curtains terkena at her face or her territory,see v.silly kan?) Can be a little bossy at times. Mommy and Daddy sometimes spoils (or rather bribe) her  with ice-creams and cold drinks. Her favorite toys now is her mini kitchen stove. Together with her senduk, mangkuk and frying pan. Her action of masak-masak is pretend to tumbuk sambal belancan. Ive yet to sew any felt food for her. I think I should. But for now, let her pretend to cook w sticker cakes and donuts, oh curlers too! LOL!


7 thoughts on “Of this and that

  1. jaja: really you do ja? good for u then!

    mira: i SO can imagine babe.IF there is a mesin lipat kain, i know i’ll be the first to buy hehe

    nadia: yes! that’s the one 🙂

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