Week 18ish 19

I get easily absentminded and forget things, like seriously hokay. Just couple of days ago, I entered my IC number wrongly to login into my e-filling system. Not until the lady from the helpline (yes, I went until calling up the tollfree to rant how ma-fan! the system is), read out my IC and there and then I feel like punching myself for login the last IC digit with my office phone ext, bley?. No wonder it wont work. doink!

Then last week, I had a lunch date with my girlfriends. All the while I was thinking TGIF the curve. But little did I realise, I told them to meet up in One Utama. So imagine the confusion we had on the phone ‘korang kat mana nih? i’m right in front of the restaurant already.’Poor them, have to drive up to the curve to meet this absent-minded preggie lady. heh. Sorry guys!

And lastly, also on the same day but happen earlier, in between  attending to Mia’s attention (read: whining) and deposit my cash into the ATM machine, I forgot to take back my ATM card. The momment I notice it, it was too late. Only to find out it got swallowed. darn!

There’s more, but the above mention are the crucial ones. Of course, this is one of the pregnancy symptom. Just.. it was never this bad with my first one.

On another note, my lil’ mango here (thats what im gonna call my bb#2  blog nickname ;P , mia used to my  lil’pumpkin) is doing great, alhamdulillah. Funny thing, when Mia demanded to be carried, mango will give a one good kick in my belly! Geez guys, inside also already crying for attention ah? Adoi.


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  1. hehehe.. they’re all absolutely right. aida on the milkshake part, and the rest on the sakit belakang part. do take care ok dear.. taknak lah nanti takut menyesal tak sudah like i pulak nanti. nak carry gib punye pasal sampaikan turned our whole lives upside down. nauzubillah.

  2. hokay,i’ll try my V.best not to get carried away dukung my not so little pumpkin mia 🙂

    apatu,really ah pumpkin+mango=delish milkshake? i shall one day give it a try then! tq BB and Aida!

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