Welcoming my 'D'

A month ago, I celebrated my last 20ish birthday. Yes, come February next year,  if Allah permits I shall turn the big three-O. We had lunch with the family, and dinner with my husband,Ted and my daughter,Mia .And this year, Ted surprises me with a very special birthday gift. It was so totally out of my expectation, well, although  the item was in my birthday wish list, just never thought he would actually get it for me. However, I didn’t get it right away.

Just couple of weeks ago, I finally received it. It was a digital SLR camera (a D90)!. Of course, as a newbie to this SLR world, Ted showed me the right way to use it ( no automatic, manuals all the way!), the aperture, the shutter speed and what nots. Still, I need to put extra efforts and lotsa practice to be at least half as good as him.

And so, last Sunday in order to further improve this new skills, I got myself sign-up to this workshop, specially held for D90 owners. Little did I know, the class was for the Intermediate-Advance students. Oh well! At least I get to mingle with the Pros and seeks their tips/advice. Of course, making new friends too.(went all alone by myself, Ted took care of Mia)

The first task assigned to us was to shoot models. Boy, was I mengelabah. Luckily, I still manage to recall( me being the forgetful preggers!) Ted’s useful tips. Long story short, I present you my very first model shoot!

But ah, the actual scene was like this! It wasn’t easy for me to squeeze in between all these Pros photographers. Berebut-rebut! aiyaah I know lah the models (there’s three btw) are so pweety (and damn skinny!).

The day was scorching HOT! that by the end of the day, I was sweating like a pig! But it  was fun looking at both the models and photographers doing their thang. Macam-macam gaya. The afternoon session ( yes, it was a whole day workshop), gets MORE fun! Reasonbeing, one of the extra special feature of this D90 is the Video function. And in this class, they gave out great ideas and samples of other video that was taken by a D90. To my surprise, it doesn’t look like a typical handy cam video quality, more of like a advert,high quality video presentation. Then again, with the power of  superlenses (still learning abt  those) anyone can produce as equally great videos too! This great feature has makes our (my)life easier in a sense after taking still photos, I can later video it and turn into a story.  Now that’s ice cool! ;P  In fact, I’ve taken quite a few videos of Mia (whoelse lah the protagonist), which I feel like turning it into an interesting so called ‘movie’! aHAH!

Anyhow, I shall continue this new skills with lotsa reading up, practice and pestering the husband to teach me! That’s the short-cut way.heh. Lucks to me!


10 thoughts on “Welcoming my 'D'

  1. Congrats on the new acquisition and welcome to the world of DSLRs! 🙂 You’re lucky to have a pro-photographer husband who can teach you loads of stuff. Sikijam lagi, you also terer-merer dah. 🙂 Have fun with the camera and showlah the vid! Hehe.

  2. aiseyman… im so jealous of you lar, babe! looks like everyone’s got a dslr nowadays except me. and everyone’s gonna have another baby soon except for me….. and nadia (betui ka?) haha but she has a dslr… nway apa yg aku mengarut ni? congrats to the new addition in the family (the cammie and insyaallah, the new baby)

  3. yeahooo!!!! i need to welcome myself to the club too. tapi tu la kan ira, bila dah ada husband terer merer ni malas kan nak belajar?? hahahaha.

    kudos to more videos!!!!

  4. woHoooo caya la..no wonder u said nak join skali sesi Leen ek?
    salute to you…as for your 1st class i must said all the photographer
    berebut2 nak take pic of the model since i can se an ASSET there hahahah!
    gile model tu, dok posing maut bawah terik 🙂

    maybe i should join u..use najib nye camera kan kan kan

  5. hetz: oh lets!lets! maybe this coming ‘Earth Hour’ night we could plan/do something memorable to capture the moment maybe?

    aeyya:alar with Leen tu, I tukang pegang the reflector for ted je tu ;P. and yupp, those models are sexy as hell! LOL

    kiddo’s mom: well, he bought me this dslr because he wants me to learn + explore the SLR world as well, which is great also, as i know i’ve been taking bad pictures of my sewing stuff and othrs. so i’m gonna take this as challenge heh. and yeah kudos to great nikon invention!

  6. anne:owh anne, don’t be. what i can tell u, how canggih-manggih the camera is (or any gadget for that matter), if tatau how to use it the right way, pictures will still turns out bad.so,dslr or not doesnt matter. the compositions of the picture also play an important role. 🙂 and thank you dear!

    nadia: yeah, good thing Ted is more than willing to share his knowledge with me. 🙂 and thank you! oh the video, yeah! nanti i upload in the next entry.

  7. thats remind me on what of our chat on bulky camera.. hehehe malu pulak bile ingat balik.. anyway, with some time, u can later kalah kan TED and steal his client hhahaah *evil laugh

  8. LOL!steal Ted’s client? hohoho..that’s a wee bit ambitious lah dear.
    Never thought to do ‘business’ out of it pun, just for my own benefits je.
    thank you for the encouragement 🙂

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