Is she ready?

As I always say, time flies so fast! and little did I realize, my Mia will turn exactly two and a half years old (that’s 30months old!) coming March 9th. Like any mothers, I am happy to see how beautifully my daughter has grown up, I wonder if she can be at this stage forever.heh

Of late, I’ve come to notice Mia has shown her readiness to be off the diaper. She’s been taking off her own diaper whenever she feels it’s full or  worst whenever she feels like it! much to my liking . My guess, she  started to feel uneasy kot after doing her wee-wee and ‘the no.2’. In fact, this has been going on for a couple of weeks back.

Now, something interesting happened yesterday.

Occasionally, after office, I will try to take a short nap for a quick rest. And while am at it, this young girl will normally keep herself entertain with her Barney show, or books, or play with her toys, or just mess up the house more. Suddenly I was woken up by her little fingers forcing my eyes to open. Half awake, I saw her without her pants on (grr) and was holding a diaper. She was asking me to put it on. I was thinking ‘did she just wet the floor again?’. Quickly I  brought her to the toilet to get her clean up, and there I saw our toilet hose half open, and her used diaper with her poo poo dropped there.

‘ok,did she actually clean herself up already?’ . true enough. I asked her and she nodded. I even asked her to demo back to me, and waddaya know! She actually DID wash her self right! I am so amaze! No we didn’t teach her religiously just yet, but I did recall a couple of times showing her how but not persistently la. Unbelievable she actually remembered it! Or was I getting so forgetful these days. Oh well. yay Mia!

But hor, mommy is not that ready to teach you yet dear, or  rather I am so lazy to bring her to the toilet every min/seconds. Shall we do it whenever I feel like it. How’s that dear?  Ok bad bad idea! I shall try my to potty train her asap. Wish us luck!

And as the adik, well, I have nothing much to report for now except I STILL have my everday sickness. Every three hour or so, I get to visit the toilet bowl! So tiring I tell you. This is even worst than my first pregnancy. Can’t wait for it to be ALL over! Hurry up second tri.


8 thoughts on “Is she ready?

  1. it’s remind me bout my kids .. they washed themself… they even told me, Mama i washed mine … but u know how clean kan…

    yup i think she’s ready for potty train… kejap jer. in a week dah settle…
    just get cute potty for her.. but mine no cute potty both tak nak pakai….

    i know how the all day sickness feel, been through when i was carrying my first baby -son- lembik!! it happened for 5 months…imagine it!!

    hang on there..

  2. alamak, how cute is she? baru 30 mths dah ada inisiatif nak basuh berak sendiri! hahaha… kak nunu pun baru pandai basuh lepas pee, but you’re right, you’re so lucky coz she initiates herself that she wants to be off diapers. good luck dear, and take it easy on urself 🙂

  3. pandai n yer Mia, Emir tak nampak lagi ciri–ciri nak take off his own diapers at least the diapers is totally full, he only can informed iafter he has peed or po-po, if not he will remain silent. and like u, i also still not ready to teach him apart from im still lazy 😀 to run, and to mop the floor

  4. ibu emir</b: itu la,the mopping part kinda turns me off,but gotta start somewhere la far she'll smart enough to take off her diaper in the toilet!just doing the 'bussiness' not quite there yet.

    anne: altho’ am not confident enough she REALLY cleans herself up btul2, so for now mmg kena double check. thanks!

    yatie: aww cute potty, that could boost up their spirit uh! yupp am hanging there! 🙂 tq

    hetz: indeed!

  5. try ler, she could be ready sooner than you think but from experience, i can tell you they enter some sort of potty regression around mid way..ava went thru this, skang ni dah terrer and you will be thankful tak payah nak lap the buntot with

  6. well part diaper cause when we go out she tak pakai diaper but bila tido malam jer cause she sleep from 7pm to 9am so i pun malas nak bring her to the toilet tengah malam plus she is the kinda tido mati nyer.

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