A Baby Shower Surprise

We had a small surprise baby shower for my SIL last sunday. Although it kinda terbocor half way thru, thanks to my bro who is never good at keeping secrets! and ted’s green crocs in front of the door! Oh well, it was FUN making surprises no doubt. Jadi tak jadi tak kisah lah hehe.

It was a really small do, just us relatives and SIL’s closes friends. I was in charge for the deserts, well more like outsourcing it to Lana‘s mom (thanks babe!). Her mom’s brownies are to die for i tell u! which got eveyone’s asking ‘where you get it?’ (npk sgt its not me who baked it LOL). I was also self ‘elected for the shower’s games as well. The night before I was busy searching for the best and EASY games for everyone to participate. I run thru with Ted with 10 games I’ve listed, to which he commented “this game is so hard, remove it!”. In the end, we left with four games, good enough.

But on the day, I was kinda reluctant to do it, as I had second thought the guests might not be interested. But thanks to Ted’s BIG Mouth, he announced to everyone about the games before I even had the chance to stop him. To my surprise, everyone was actually up for it. Great! 🙂 So without further a do, I proceeded with the first game ‘The Tray of Memory’ , ‘Measure the Mommy’, ”Dirty Diaper and lastly ‘Draw the baby’. Every winner was given a small token of gifts.

All in all, we had a great time! SIL is due in April, so not so long to go.

And while we’re at the topic of baby, I have a belly good news too. And I bet you people are good at guessing. Well, i’m gonna say “Yes I am”. 🙂 Thank you friends who’ve come to know about the news and wished me earlier. Insya-Allah, my due will falls on September (yes same month as my Mia) and If we are extra lucky, we might also get the triple 09 date,which it also Mia’s birth date three years ago. Based on our last scan, the posibbility is there heh. Well, just pray I have a safe pregnancy and delivery ya. Thank you!


18 thoughts on “A Baby Shower Surprise

  1. hey babe! congrats!! sure mia excited nak dapat adik…

    btw.. i’m under TM now.. but we are not moving to menara TM.. our CEO said that if he’s going to move all staff to a new building nanti sebulan kitorang tak keje.. ehehhe… so only 40 of us je yg kena pindah.. and i’m not one of them…

  2. hi ira coongratss…. ala best nye preggy.. i miss the moment…
    well congrats to mia too… fyi, my kids share same birthmonth just 3 days apart…and they just like twins.

    take care… and yes everyone i know now is preggy… any sign for me too??

  3. congrats!!! 🙂 i dont know why but i was under the impression that u were ALREADY pregnant!! lol my 6th sense kot…. lol ya, echo aida…cant wait to see all ur baby/maternity projects!! mesti best mya….. 😀

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