Last night story

Mia drummer wannabe

My little drummer wannabe.too funny too cute! FYI that’s her paksu’s drum, who has his own band, and gigs and shows. Too bad (my bad!) as a sister I have yet to catch any of his gigs. Well no worries, you’ll have my supports bro, cept’ please finish up with your studies first ok!

As for my little munchkin here, well she’s been mommy’s best girlfriends ever! Until last night we had a small fight. Yeah, silly me, getting into a fight with the little kiddo. The thing is, I was v.tired, and badly in need of sleep. The usuals drills would be, she will have to tag along with her mummy to bed. She was reluctant and frustrated as she still feels ‘fresh’ ( at 11pm mind you).

Long story short, she finally did laydown next to me (uhuh,still co-sleep with us!). Few minutes into my la la land, I was surprise by a small hand smacking my face! Not once but twice!And she goes like “Mummy!”smack smack grrrr. I tried ignoring her by facing the opposite her. Mia being bored I suppose, tried to annoyed me MORE by pulling the comforter away pulak from me. After her nth attempt, I finally gave up (not her!) and asked Mia to just go out and play,and that mommy is v.v cranky and do not want to turn into a monster for the night.

With what a little voice raising, she merajuk and cried! Ayoo… Luckily, hubby was still wide awake to take her away, and bribe her with some promises. I could not be bothered no more, too tired, too cranky.

However, this morning as I recall the event back with the husband, I couldn’t help it but to laugh at Mia’s actions. Man, she sure knows how to trigger her mommy’s patience and attentions thesedays.

But that’s the beauty of having kids, they are messy, noisy, attention seekers, but above all you’ll still love them to bits. I know I love mine. πŸ™‚

On a different note, here’s what I did with the rest of hubby’s unwanted shirt. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Last night story

  1. i jeles laa ngan u punyer skill sekarang.. power power.. Bile nak bukak kelas ni.. i mean seriously..

    and Mia, lagi syiok laa dia, kids nowadays 11pm macam pukul 8 pm kot..

  2. cayalah ira! what an excellent way to recycle men’s shirts into sthing wearable for us πŸ™‚

    hahah, that tired mom episode dah berapa kali jadi kat i, almost every nite nunu and i have a fight coz she just ain’t sleepy! different thing if we put her in the car (on the way home from somewhere) terus kong!

  3. fuhyoo!!! dahsyat man….tak sangka can re-use men’s shirt this way! talk abt creativity la. sayang my hubby dont really have work clothes like these. his are all casual T’s. 😦 but OMG…iu’ve got some awesome tutorials here. going to go peek n keep up the good work. cute model on top of that too!! πŸ˜›

  4. thank’s guys are too kind! πŸ™‚

    ibu Emir:got any tips ah how to get ’em to bed early?

    anne:ehmm,tough luck for me.if and only if she’s really really worn out baru she kong in the car.else, it’s Mamma Mia alll the way in the car, no kidding!

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